The Best, Funniest Characters Featured in TV Shows

These three characters come from different kinds of TV shows. One character is from a cartoon, and the other two characters are from the same comedy show.

3. Fry Futurama

*Fry plays a total moron on the cartoon comedy television show. His style and attitude is comparable to that of Homer Simpsons on The Simpsons. That shouldn’t surprise you however, because the makers of Futurama also made The Simpsons. Fry is pretty much the main character of Futurama.

Futurama has been a very popular television show for quite some time. Years and years. Without Fry, Futurama wouldn’t be half of what it is today.

2. Janitor (Unknown name) Scrubs

*This janitor is a mysterious, mischievous, crazy man. He sometimes has amazingly surprising moral values and views that catch you off guard. At other times, he is out to get anyone who will not be his ally. He is often out to get J.D.

Scrubs is a popular comedy series hosted on multiple television networks. It has good ratings and is watched around the world. It lifted off soon-after it was launched. What a success. Without the Janitor, this show wouldn’t have nearly half as much dramatic bizarre interpretation that it currently does.

1. J.D. (John Dorian) Scrubs

*J.D. is the main character of Scrubs. While watching Scrubs, J.D. is often commenting and sharing his mental opinion. We have a more rounded piece of him than we do anyone else. He is pretty much the all-star. Dr. Cox’s (never admitted) little buddy/boy-scout.

Scrubs is extremely funny. J.D. adds an impact unlike anyone else can ever do.

Without these three characters, television shows would never have the hilarious-ness that they have. Laughing at stupid, bizarre, or smart but misguided comical figures can help relieve stress and tension of the day.