SNL Review — 4/5/08 — Christopher Walken / Panic at the Disco

Cold Opening — Bill amp; Hillary Clinton Tax Returns — 3

Enough with Amy’s impersonation of Hillary. She has yet to define herself as Hillary and if it wasn’t for the hair, we wouldn’t know who she was. Not a laugh here.

Monologue — 8

Christopher Walken answering questions he wrote himself. Funny stuff, especially the flying invisible superpower joke where he wants to do it so he could fly into sliding glass windows. Amusing, if short.

Commercial — Annuale — 8

One of their funnier commercials in awhile, but a repeat.

High School Musical — Grease — That’s Dirty — 7

Did Walken show up for rehearsals? He keeps staring at the cue cards and not looking at the other actors. Would have given it an extra point if Chris was looking at the actor.

Going Away Party — 7

This would be so much funnier if Chris was acting instead of reading. In fact, if I look away, it is funnier. This would have been funnier as a digital short.

Digital Short — Laser Cats 3 — 10

Okay, I wasn’t fond of Laser Cats 1 and Laser Cats 2, but this one cracked me up. The whole thing is just so dumb that it borders on brilliant, especially the laser puppy.

Sue — Crazy Lady Surprise Party — 6

Kristen Wiig can be really great and can do the same thing in 48 different variations. Here she does the latter. She managed to make me laugh through sheer force of will. Her character jumping through the window was unexpected and made me laugh. Her coming back…. not so much.

Panic At The Disco — 8

Nice jaunty tune. A bit of ELO in there.

Weekend Update — 8

Wow, a WU that WASN’T full of extraneous recurring characters and had amusing jokes? A keeper.

Walken Family Reunion — 4

I thought this was going to be about a class reunion where we would find out that Walken’s persona was stolen from a classmate and he’s really normal. Having the entire cast do a Walken impersonation badly isn’t half as funny as I think that might have been.

Indoor Gardening Guy With Googly Eyes — 8

This wouldn’t have been half as funny with another host, and the cue card reading isn’t as distracting. Throwing the eyes at the grass…. priceless.

Top Chef — 4

Maybe if I watched the show I’d find it funnier.

Panic at the Disco — 2

Wow, that was typical tuneless Alt-pop. Sucked.

Larry King / Jimmy Carter — 4

Fred Armisen’s take on Larry King is horrible. The premise is one joke. A typical show closer.

Overall Rating — 7

Christopher Walken seemed a bit unprepared/uncomfortable this one. Still, most of the sketches were funny enough to make this one of the better shows since the return.